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Momentum Labs has the tools and analysis you need to make good trading decisions on NBA Top Shot. Join a community of over 1,000 of the most passionate NBA Top Shot collectors.

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Come for the data visualization. Stay for the unmatched analysis. Hang out with an elite community of like-minded individuals. We’re just getting started.

Pack Drop Analysis

Pack drop days are the best days. Use our Expected Value calculations, player projections, and pack contents distributions to make the best decisions before and after the queue.

Market Movement

Our proprietary tool helps highlight which moments are HOT with demand vs. which moments are cooling down with supply. Our Moment Detail pages combine all the critical information you need in one spot.

Challenge Tracking

Use our tools to project statistics prior to tip-off, follow price movement in-game, and decide when to buy or sell to complete a challenge. We’ve got projections and reward values for traditional challenges too.

Community Discord

The Momentum Labs community is unmatched. Leverage some of the sharpest minds in the Dapper Labs ecosystem by joining our Discord today.

Market Trends Analysis

Rely on JBB’s market analysis of macro and micro trends to turn numbers into actionable pieces of advice. Not financial advice, but pretty close to it.

Fantasy Sports

MomentRanks Play. The Owner’s Club. NFL Rumble. Underdog Fantasy Best Ball. DraftKings DFS. We’ve got data to cover all of your fantasy sports needs.

Hand-crafted designs optimized for mobile

The Momentum Labs site has been built from the ground up to provide a beautiful, intuitive, and mobile-friendly interface. Get the data you need, when you need it.

Each screen has been carefully crafted and reviewed by experienced Top Shot collectors to highlight the most important information. Upgrade to premium to get power user features including streamlined buying and selling tools, exportable data feeds, alerts, and more.

Mobile user interface

The latest data + the best analysis

The goal we had when creating Momentum Labs was to bring together tools and data with expert analysis. Get EV projections for pack drops, in-depth posts breaking down the latest announcements, and strategic tips and data for tools such as MomentRanks Play.

Premium subscribers get access to the Momentum Labs Discord (formerly Show Me the Data). This community is full of passionate, helpful, and fun power users who love to geek out on Top Shot and All Day. Best of all, it's gloriously free of your typical Discord trolls.

Desktop user interface

Simple Affordable Pricing

Go premium and get all of the features below for just $10 per month.



Basic access to the Momentum Labs suite of tools

Momentum Labs Tools
Real-Time DashboardYes
Flash Challenge TrackerYes
Momentum PageYes
Trade Ticket ToolYes
Player SummaryNo
SMTD Google SheetsNo
Web AlertsNo
Data ExportNo
Momentum Labs Analysis
Long-Form Blog PostsYes
Discord AccessNo


$10 /mo

Join 100s of other die-hard NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day collectors with full access to the Momentum Labs suite of tools and in-depth analysis in the Discord.

Momentum Labs Tools
Real-Time DashboardYes
Flash Challenge TrackerYes
Momentum PageYes
Trade Ticket ToolYes
Player SummaryYes
SMTD Google SheetsYes
Web AlertsYes
Data ExportYes
Momentum Labs Analysis
Long-Form Blog PostsYes
Discord AccessYes

About Us

Momentum Labs was created when Jon and Kevin joined forces to combine the Moment Nerd tools and data with the Show Me The Data analysis and community.

  • Jon (@JonBoyBeats)

    Co-Founder / CEO

    Jon (aka JonBoyBeats) is one of the most trusted and well-respected Top Shot community members. He created the original Show Me the Data Discord and has nearly 15k Twitter followers. He is best known for data-driven pack EV analysis and accurate challenge forecasting.

  • Kevin (@MomentNerd)

    Co-Founder / CTO

    Kevin (aka Moment Nerd) has been creating tools for the Top Shot community for the past year. These include the Flash Challenge tracker, Twitter Avatar creator, and Top Shot Community Awards voting site.

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